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When Designing Your Own Website or Blog, Here’s Some Mistakes to Avoid

When Designing Your Own Website or Blog, Here’s Some Mistakes to Avoid

Why WordPress? What’s the Big Deal?

To WordPress or not to WordPress? This seems to be the main question when it comes to creating your own website or blog. Some think that it is too sophisticated to use and should be left in the hands of more experienced internet users. While, we have other programs like Weebly and Wix that appear so much easier to use because of their drag and drop system, so why not take out all the guesswork and just go with these?

I remember back in the days when the internet was relatively new, (20 years ago), and the only way you could design your own website from scratch was through coding. I know, because that’s what my husband was into at the time, and it looked very complicated to me. I feel compelled to write my story, because I believe that for many of us, we just let fear get in the way and don’t take the time to really look at what is being offered to us.

I had zero skills when it came to the internet.

I’ve been teaching piano for the past 20 years. The only tasks I was able to perform on the internet were to post some comments and upload some photos on Facebook, internet banking and occasionally a Google Search. I decided that I needed to know more. The internet connects us to the entire world. That is a pretty amazing gift we have been given and most of us aren’t using it to its full potential.

So, I made my check list:

1. Research the topic of the business I wanted to create.
2. Buy a domain name for the business.
3. Pay for domain hosting (fancy name for giving your website a home on the internet).

Now, What?

Working with the 2 Big W site builders.

Well, this is where the fun began for me. I did the quick install for WordPress through my hosting account, which was very easy to do, but I couldn’t find any free themes and I was on a budget. So I decided to start creating a website with Weebly which was free. One week later, the blog wasn’t working and I couldn’t get the Facebook link to connect to the blog. I wasn’t happy with how the website looked either after running it through many different themes.

There are 2 WordPress sites! What?

Frustrated and in a huff, I decided to check out WP to find out for myself why this program comes so highly recommended. Now, please don’t laugh, but I spent 3 days working on a blog in only to find out that there is a Wait, what? Why? Why not give it a completely different name? Now, it made total sense to me, why I couldn’t do half the things I was trying to do on the new website.

I was ready to Quit!

I was ready to give up and throw it all in, but something inside of me kept telling me that I can do this. One week later and I was on top of the world. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. The website looked amazing and I love the new Blog. I had used all the free tutorials that you are given with the hosting account on how to create your website and I was even given free tutorials to help me get started. Moral of the story, don’t just settle for something you’re not completely happy with. If I can learn to use this program, anyone can!

Just Ask and don’t give up until you get the Answers you Need!

The one thing I would like to talk about is that both my hosting account and WordPress have forums to answer all your questions. I couldn’t find a direct email to either of them. I found these a little confusing for someone new to the internet. Keep it simple for yourself. When in doubt, do a Google search? Some answers will come directly to you from questions others have asked in the forums before, or go straight to your hosting account and go on the Live Chat.

The service is amazing and whatever issue you are having, will be resolved on the spot. It’s brilliant. Just ask. Don’t be afraid to get the help you need. That’s what they are all there for. It was well worth the effort and time put in. Just follow all the instructions very carefully if you are new and you’ll be on your way.