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VW Car Care Tips for Spring Season

VW Car Care Tips for Spring Season

While it is true that Volkswagen is one of the makers of quality cars and car parts, a VW car owner must still have with him VW repair manuals just to assure he will not get lost in doing the car repairs by himself.

Nonetheless, the cliché “Prevention is better than cure” is also true to automobiles especially during spring season. It is important to know how to take care of your VW car on a spring season. This is to prevent your car against any undesirable severe car defect. After all, you do not want to spoil your car investment, right?

Summer driving conditions are tough on motorists and vehicles; and motorists can be safer if they observe and practice hot-weather car care tips.

The following things must be kept in mind:

Replace your winter tires with spring tires. But say you do not have winter tires, it is still equally important to have all season tires rotated. Driving in the winter weather can be hard on tires due to huge bulk of snow. Rotating tires regularly extends their life. Eventually, these will give you better braking and handling. When you are driving on wet roads that are typical during spring, better braking and handling is especially important.

Check your wiper blades. Your wipers work hard all winter removing away dirt and debris that stuck on your windshield. It is also a good idea to replace them in the spring to be prepared for rain showers.

To avoid erosion and rusting, cleaning the underbody must be done. In addition to washing the exterior, car owners have to be sure to spray the underbody and underneath the rear and front bumpers to rinse away any salt build-up. It is best advised to use a high-pressure sprayer or garden hose for high quality results.

Vacuums are not only used in house cleaning. These are also great cleaners of car interiors. It is also advised to throw away any unwanted garbage that was left under your seats over the winter. And since the country is now experiencing the spring season, now is the time to store your winter car mats in the garage.

Apply a something to protect the vinyl surfaces of your car including the dashboard, seats and the steering wheel. These are susceptible to cracking, sun damage and fading. A protectant must be applied at the beginning of the season and touch it up regularly.

Change the oil of the car engine. Spring season is not the time for thinner oil like 5W30. Return to 10W30 for warmer weather. However, just make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil type for your car to avoid inconveniences an engine damages.

To make sure all fluids are topped up, check them all. During winter season, fluids are easily depleted as your engine works harder in the colder weather. Make sure to double-check all the car’s fluids regularly.

Regardless of what kind of weather the atmosphere has, always check the brakes. One of the warning signs of a damaged brake system is brake noise, including excessive grinding, squealing, screeching or chatter.

Since it is a hot season, regularly wash your car. All vehicles regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year to preserve the car’s exterior. And, for the preservation of the shine and protection of the surface of the vehicle, wax your vehicle once it has dried completely.Keep cars washed and waxed to help prevent rust and paint damage.

Those mentioned tips are simple yet you are assured of those less costly repairs or none at all.