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Using a Home Depot Pressure Washer for a Car Wash Fundraiser

Using a Home Depot Pressure Washer for a Car Wash Fundraiser

With pressure washers getting less expensive and more readily available. There is a chance that someone in your group owns one. These little pressure washers make car wash fundraiser a lot easier. We recommend an Ex-Cell Pressure Washer from the Home Depot.

We realize that often non-profit groups wish to call on their Ex-Cell pressure washer to do more than just clean. We know that there is much need in non-profit groups to raise funds for worthy and important activities.

Done right, a car wash fundraiser can be one of the most profitable fundraising methods you can choose – one that will not only provide a valuable service to supporters, but help your organization clean up in proceeds. A car wash fundraiser might seem like a simple thing to organize. What do you need besides a hose, a couple of buckets, soap, water, some rags and volunteers?

This might be fine to raise a few hundred dollars. The following are some tips will help you do much better than that. Here are some valuable tips for running a car wash fundraiser using an Ex-Cell pressure washer;

Pick a date, making provisions for a rain date;

Selecting a location;

Find volunteers which can spend Saturday helping out;

Print pre-sale tickets and/or sample pledge forms;

Determine pre-announcements and Publicity Needed;

Make a list of supplies you will use;

Determine if insurance is needed for your group;

Read this free online E-book about Car Wash Fundraisers:

There are different strategies for raising funds in one day car wash events. One method is to print tickets and sell as many tickets as possible prior to the event. Another approach is to hold a Wash-A-Thon and wash cars for free, but obtain pledges for the number of cars washed.

The best day of the week to hold a car wash fundraiser is Saturday and a good window to hold the event from is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Location is also very important and should be as high traffic an area as possible. Grocery store or retail shopping center parking lots are a great spot. Be sure to have plenty of people on hand the day of the event, complete with signs they can hold to direct shoppers and traffic to your fundraiser. Keep sign holders out of driveways and road ways and away from the curbs.

Using an Ex-cell pressure washer instead of a garden hose is a faster and more efficient way to wash cars and it uses less water! A local painting company is one possible source to contact.

When planning for your event, try to do so at least six weeks prior to the desired date. It’s also best to split the duties up among several people so no one person gets overwhelmed. The division of tasks might include a site locator, a ticket sales captain, a supplies person, a volunteer coordinator, a publicity coordinator and a post event person.

To promote your car wash fundraiser, print up flyers and tickets or pledge forms, but don’t forget to enlist the support of local media. They can run Public Service Announcements or publish a brief in the local calendar or community section of the newspaper in advance. And then be sure to tell them the good news about how much you raised for your organization.