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Unusual Cars – Ford 1172cc Side Valve Powered Sports Cars

Unusual Cars – Ford 1172cc Side Valve Powered Sports Cars

There are many great cars out there and many collectors editions of each model. So whats so special about the Ford 1172cc side valve sports car?

A long time ago and not to terribly far away, when space travel was only enjoyed in the fantastic space adventures you could watch on your new black and white TV, rusty old Ford Pops were a dime a dozen. There were no teams of bright eyed adoration filled car buffs just waiting for a chance to touch one. These little vehicles were no more than creaky, rickety old hulks that would possibly serve better as a planter rather than anything that was expected to turn four wheels.

The saving grace for these common little sports cars was the young men that having just gotten their drivers license, were in need of a ‘sports car’ to impress their young ladies. It just wouldn’t do, taking your favourite girl out in your parent’s big sedan. So, the way into a ‘sports car’ was through one of the old Ford Pops. They could purchase one of these old beat up machines for not much and still have them be mechanically sound. They would remove and toss away the battered remains of the body and bolt on a whole new fiberglass body, of which there were a whole load of styles to choose from. Instantly, they would have a cool little sports car to take their lady of choice out for a spin in. Of course, just as there were a large variety of bodies available, there was also a large range in quality level. Some of the bodies were very well made, some were bargain basement style, and then there were levels everywhere in between. Once the body was bolted on, then the engine could be addressed. There were a number of modifications that could be done to the engine. Many of these remakes sported SU carbs fancy inlet and exhaust manifolds, light weight flywheels, even independent suspension. The interior might have been dressed up with some racy looking bucket seats along with remote gear changes. Some sported drilled steering wheels, sports tuned exhausts and extra gauges. Those that had a bit more money to put towards the little cars added superchargers or a Willmet OHV conversion. Many of these super conversions even headed to the race track, which only made the draw of these little sports cars stronger as time went on.

In the current day, these cars have built their own fan clubs. They have made their way into the hearts of a multitude of car enthusiasts and they are proudly displayed at car shows everywhere. These little vehicles aren’t going away any time soon. They have earned their place among the ranks of coveted classics and they are there to stay.