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Tips to Influence the Stay of Your Hotel Guests With Amenities

Tips to Influence the Stay of Your Hotel Guests With Amenities

Whenever an individual or family plans a trip or vacation to any place; apart from the ambience and services, they also look for the best guest amenities that will make their stay comfortable and as memorable as possible. There are hotels who offer their guests state-of-the art amenities that make their guests feel good and unwind their stresses. Apart from basic things of a luxury hotel like cozy rooms, customer friendly services, exotic locations and lavish interiors, they can provide their guests with goodies that give them a royal treatment. These services or products can make that hotel win over competition and influence the guests.

In an expensive hotel room in addition to the elegant furnishings the hotel management can add something extra to increase the comfort of their guests. It can be like an extra number of soft blankets, mini refrigerator, extra pillows, etc. You can even customize the bathroom amenities like sweet smelling and foamy shower gels, shampoo with conditioner, blow dryer, soft & fluffy towels, dental kits, shaving kits, shower caps and much more which can give the guests more than home comfort and pampering.

Some hotels also provide complimentary breakfast to treat their special guests with a variety of foods that can satiate their food cravings and make them feel royal. Various extra services like free tea and coffee, ATM machine in the hotel, wireless internet access, currency exchange services, in-house dry cleaning services, etc can be given to the guests. The phone system should be easy enough that allows them to make local, STD and ISD calls at affordable rates.

The visitors who are coming for the first time in your town and city can be helped through tourist help desks which provide them with a local city guide map, along with proper guidance about local locations, tourist spots and facilities like special tour arrangements. Car rental services, complete city tour facilities, etc can be also offered to guests so that they can make the most out their stay.

Several good and high-class hotels include complimentary dinner or breakfast in their overall tour package offered to the guests. You can have a 24-hour coffee shop at your hotel which gives them the liberty to enjoy some good food and coffee at any time. If a relaxing lounge is provided at the hotel, then they can relax themselves there.

Thus there are several ways in which you can attract and lure in the guests and build long-term good relations with them.