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Tips On How To File For A Lemon Law Case

Tips On How To File For A Lemon Law Case

Ohio Lemon Law covers new passenger vehicles, SUVs, vans, trucks, and motorcycles that are purchased or leased in Ohio. The motorized portions of RVs are also covered, as are used cars that are purchased within one year or 18,000 miles of delivery to the original owner. To be considered a “lemon,” the vehicle must meet the following requirements:

The Ohio Lemon Law is a kind of law that is concerned with passenger vehicles, vans, trucks, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and motorized portion of RVs purchased or leased in Ohio. Used cars are also included but the cars have to be one year old or 18,000 miles. If you want to be a “lemon”, the vehicle should meet these requirements:

1. The vehicle is not under express warranty.

2. Has defects that affects the use, safety, or the value of the vehicle.

3. Has manufacturer defects that happen during the first year of delivery date or 18,000 miles.

4. Has taken in once because of a problem that can cause serious injury; at least eight tunes for miscellaneous problems; or had been out of service for at least 30 days.

5. Has been seized once for a problem that can cause death or serious injury; three times in the same problem; eight times for miscellaneous problems; or is out of service for at least 30 calendar days.

6. The manufacturer is notified in writing for the defect within one year starting from the date of delivery or the first 18,000 as read in the odometer (whatever comes first).

7. Has substantial defects affecting the use, safety or value of the vehicle.

8. The owner has participated in the manufacturer’s arbitration program(if any).

Lemon Law Tips

If you have encountered various problems, met any of the Ohio Lemon Law Requirements and suspect that you have a “lemon car”, “lemon truck”, or any “lemon” vehicle then you have the right under the Ohio Lemon Law.

To get the best possible compensation and settlement, keep all your records. Because if you do, you can prove easily that you followed all the requirements to prove that your vehicle is qualified under the Lemon Law.

Here are some tips to start your Lemon Law case:

Keep a Logbook. Your logbook can be a spreadsheet, a spiral bound notebook, or saved in your computer, log every transactions, or communications you made with the dealer or anything related that can help prove that you have done your part to fix the problem. Ohio mandates repair invoice every time the car undergoes repair in service centers.

Here are the things you can write in your logbook:

Write down every communication related to your case. Jot down the date, title, phone number of the person who you have spoken with. Outline the important instructions on that communication. A good idea is to record the communication if you talk face to face on the person related to the case.

Keep track of the vehicle’s performance. Note the dates when the problem occurs and the source of the problem.

Write down the dates your vehicle becomes unavailable. Write down the dates you weren’t able to use your vehicle. State the reason why; is it under repair? Or is it in its non-working condition?

Keep every repair records. Keep the original records of all repair and maintenance orders. Also keep a record of recurring problems that your vehicle undergoes. Do not leave your vehicle at the dealership without a copy of the work order. Ask the dealer for a copy if you can’t find one. All Ohio Dealers are under Ohio Repair act in which they are required keep records for two years.

Keep mails, email, proof of delivery, and any written correspondence. Keep copies of every letter, emails sent and received, proof of delivery, or other written correspondence related to the case. Ohio requires that you contact the car manufacturer, leasing company, or other related using certified mail. Also keep in a folder the correspondence and delivery documentation.