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Things You Simply Must Do When in Walvis Bay Lagoon, Namibia

Things You Simply Must Do When in Walvis Bay Lagoon, Namibia

Walvis Bay lagoon is one of the most popular locations in the African country of Namibia. While Namibia is known primarily for exotic locations like the Namib Desert, Etosha National Park and Fish River Canyon, Walvis Bay lagoon is slowly becoming more popular as a tourist destination. The lagoon is located in the city of Walvis Bay. This is also where the only commercial port in the country of Namibia is located.

Getting to the lagoon is relatively easy. You can enter Namibia through international airports located in either Swakopmund or the country’s capital city Windhoek. If you are coming from locations like Johannesburg or Cape Town, you can fly in directly to Walvis Bay’s airport. South African Express and Air Namibia offer flights to this location. You can also take a car or go by bus from Windhoek or Swakopmund. This is probably the best way to see the country.

Once you get to the vicinity of the lagoon, you should definitely take the time to see flamingos and the wetlands in the surrounding area. Flamingos can be found on the beaches around the bay. You can also find them in the surrounding wetlands. There are three significant wetlands around Walvis Bay. These wetlands are a very important stopover for migratory birds. You can also get some bird watching done while in the area.

There are many activities available for tourists visiting the Walvis Bay lagoon. You can try kite surfing in the lagoon. This is an exciting activity for people who are looking for some action. You don’t have to worry since there are many professional instructors in the area who will teach you how to kite surf. You can also go fishing in the area. Even if you didn’t bring your trusty fishing rod with you, there are many operators that will rent out good rods for reasonable prices. However, you will need to obtain a fishing permit. This can easily be obtained from the local office of the Ministry of Fisheries. Be sure to ask the locals for information on where the best fishing spots are located.

Other interesting activities in the Walvis Bay area include dolphin watching and dune boarding. There are many short cruises available for people interested in dolphin watching. If you’re in the mood for board sports, then you can purchase a dune board in shops in town and head out to Dune 7 for a thrilling time. Dune 7 is located a mere 6 kilometres from the town proper.

There are also a few shops and one very good restaurant in the Walvis Bay lagoon area that are worth visiting. You should drop into The Raft Restaurant Bistro and Bar for a night out. This restaurant serves excellent pizzas and burgers, in their bistro area, and also have the best a la carte menu for miles around. Definitely worth a trip and the very best place for sundowners.