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The Breathtaking Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee

The Breathtaking Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking Tennessee attractions you can visit. It is a 55-acre estate built by the Maxwell House Coffee Fortune, and originally designed by Bryant Fleming in the 1920s.

When visiting this popular Tennessee tourism attraction you will be able to see a variety of plants, fountains, ponds, and the incredible rolling hills of Nashville, Tennessee. This interesting Tennessee attraction allows you to take in part of Tennessee history while you enjoy a relaxing, beautiful, scenic stroll through the pathways traveling through the gardens. Visitors will experience an extensive plant collection that includes: boxwoods, conifers, Japanese maples, holly, hosta, crape myrtles, daffodils, day lily, dogwood, redbud, trillium, bamboo, hydrangea, and more

The museum of art is surrounded by ten immaculate botanical gardens:

The Howe Garden is one of the most popular of the gardens. It has recently undergone $1 million in renovations to the original Wilding garden area. The renovations also included an addition of a state of the art rain garden.

The Burr Terrace Garden is a perennial garden that was installed in 1972 in memory of Elizabeth Parkes Burr. It is designed to resemble a tranquil garden in Padua, Italy.

The Sigourney Cheek Literary Garden celebrates the life of Sigourney Cheek with a breathtaking view of the hills of Nashville, Tennessee accompanied by beautiful beds of flowers.

The Martin Boxwood Garden was designed in the 1920s and surrounds the beautiful Georgia style mansion of Cheekwood.

The Turner Seasons Garden focuses on the seasonal aspects of gardens.

The Robert Ellis Color Garden is an incredible sight with the vibrant, colorful flowerbeds that include annuals, perennials, and tropical flowers.

The Japanese Garden is the perfect place for relaxation and meditations as you stroll through tall bamboo plants and walk along serene streams.

The Carell Dogwood Garden is full of Cornus species planted under a grove of oak trees.

The Robinson Water Garden is comprised of three large ponds that are planted with hardy water plants mixed with shade loving perennials.

The Herb Study Garden displays herbal plants that can be grown in middle Tennessee.

While much of your day can be spent strolling through the various gardens don’t leave without a visit to the interior of the mansion. Cheekwood’s Museum of Art is housed in a 30,000-square foot Georgian-style mansion. You can browse the world-class collections of American and contemporary painting and sculpture, English and American decorative arts, silver and Worcester porcelain and traveling exhibitions. Make it a point to stop by this popular Tennessee tourism attraction to see the beautiful botanical gardens, the comprehensive art museum, and experience a beautiful part of Tennessee history.