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Texsport Lodge Square Dome Tent Review

Texsport Lodge Square Dome Tent Review

Every year, it is a great idea to do something fun filled and relaxing. Try to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Get away from the pressures of your job, school and traffic. Try get some clean smelling air. Yes unpolluted air still exists, all the way out in the countryside. Have you ever been there? Visiting the countryside may prove to be refreshing to your health too. When you do visit the countryside, you will need to take your camping gear and of course your tent.

You may still want to enjoy the country side, but it’s no fun if it’s not comfortable. The Texsport Lodge Square Dome SUV tent is perfect for the avid car camper. This dome tent has a specific creativity about it in that it is designed to stand alone or attached easily to the back of a sport utility vehicle. This leaves more space for you to carry camping gear in your car. Moreover the Texsport Lodge Square tent itself is very spacious and a large living space. It makes camping fun and easy.

The Texsport Lodge Square dome SUV tent has a peak height of 86 inches. This means that most adults can stand in the tent in comfort and ease. If you view the flooring of the Texsport Lodge Square dome tent, you will also be awed by its length and width of a whopping ten by ten feet. This flooring area allows for five people to sleep comfortably. More space is what you want, that is exactly what you get in buying the Texsport Lodge Square dome tent, as it can be attached to the back of your SUV and you will get more sleeping space, including extra storage room. It is also built with creativity as there is a large T-style door, and a backdoor. The Texsport Lodge Square dome tent also has two windows with no see-um mesh. This dome tent is equipped with these windows for protected ventilation. The Texsport Lodge Square Dome Tent also has pole construction that features shock corded fiberglass. These are great features that can prove advantageous to you on camping trips.

While designed to fit most vehicles, you must also be warned that not all SUVs are suitable for connecting to the Texsport Lodge Square Dome tent. Ensure that the make and the model of your SUV are suitable for this dome tent.

The Texsport Lodge Square dome tent is made up of light but strong nylon taffeta. If your weather changes while camping, it offers you a durable water-resistant polyethylene floor. This floor is very easily cleaned. Reliability is also a key feature of the Texsport Lodge Squared Dome tent as it is built to last for many seasons of fun. The Texsport Lodge square dome has a rain fly which is equipped with a canopy for extra water proof protection.

Review from Amazon:

Bruce C. Ream.,

We purchased this tent for Bonnaroo 2007. The first one to arrive had some problems but as usual Amazon was lightning fast with a replacement and we were ready to take off for Manchester, Tenn. The special feature we like about this tent is the ability to attach the tent to our rental SUV. It worked flawlessly and was very easy to accomplish. We really enjoyed being able to stand up inside the tent and have all the SUV space to store things and reach them easily from inside the tent. You see a lot of different tents at Bonnaroo every year and Texsport Lodge Square Dome was one of the very good styles that we saw. Except for having to replace the first one, this was a very good product that served our needs perfectly.

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