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Spiritual Sites In Bimini

Spiritual Sites In Bimini


This article was created for those metaphysical minded people who are interested in Bimini as a healing and spiritual center. Several books have been written about Bimini to prompt people from all over the world to visit the Island. The book “Sacred Journey to Atlantis” by Norma Milanovich touches on the Vortex at Bimini and how to use this energy in healing of Mother Earth as well as discovering what your karmic role is in this lifetime. There are several books written about Edgar Cayce’s trances where he keys in on Bimini, in particular “Edgar Cayce on Atlantis”. In his sessions he goes into detail about Bimini history 20,000 years ago. Listed below are some of the more important sites on and around Bimini.


These large flat boulders lay in formation under the crystalline water near Bimini. As Edgar Cayce, the renowned profit, had predicted the stones were discovered in 1968 and have been attributed to Atlantean builders prior to 10,000 B.C. Were they part of a large pier, standing monoliths like Stonehenge, or mere bedrock? Today we can see a 300 meter long reverse “J” shape in 15-25 feet of water. The controversy continues over the origins of the stones. We snorkel the stones half a mile off shore, which today play host to numerous tropical fish and if you are lucky the odd turtle.


A natural well of water enters into a pool in this natural setting amidst the mangroves on the deserted east side of Bimini. The water contains significant amounts of lithium, sulfur, and alpha radiation. It has been called “the healing hole” by the local inhabitants. It is the only site to date that has been discovered of the many wells described by Cayce which have various healing qualities. His visions were of temples dedicated to each of the curative waters. We can make an excursion by flat bottom boat at high tide to the Healing Hole for those interested (at additional cost of $30 pp)


In the 16th century Ponce DE Leon was requested by Queen Isabelle of Spain to go to Bimini to the fountain of youth and bring back some of the water. The Queen had heard of this water from her slave hand maidens captured in these islands. This fountain has been discovered and through channeling activities has been termed the feminine energy with the lithium well being the masculine energy.


In 1992 Dr. Norma Milanovich visited Bimini with 34 people, Yemaya was invited to join the group and share her experiences of the Vortex, Dolphins and Atlantis. Norma was channeling information about a vortex located 35 miles east of the island by the Master Kathumi which she relays in her book “SACRED JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS” by Athena Publishing. Both Yemaya & Norma were directed to go there with their groups, locate the precise spot and meditate. Prayers for the healing of mother earth, peace for all man/woman kind and love of the population of this planet. The gift in return to all who partake in this quest with a good heart is to learn the knowledge of your chosen spiritual goal in this incarnation.

Many seekers, myself included, have also had buried memories of their times in Atlantis come to the surface through journeying to the vortex. It is believed that the giant power crystal used in Atlantis is below the ocean bed in this place, causing boat instrumentation and compasses to spin randomly. Most locals will not venture to the vortex because of it’s extraordinary occurrences and tales of it being the cause of numerous “disappearances” of boats and planes in the area hence it’s association with the Bermuda Triangle tales. It is an area of immense energy.