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Product Description Writing and the Principle of "Lesser Logic"

Product Description Writing and the Principle of "Lesser Logic"

When seeking help in product description writing beware of the “lesser logic” principle. Lesser logic may mean different things to different people, so let me explain how it relates to writing online sales content.

What is Lesser Logic?

Harry Beckwith, in his book Selling the Invisible, speaks of people being experts in one area and, by “lesser logic,” are assumed to also be experts in subset areas.


  • If an executive successfully ran a complex Fortune 500 company, by lesser logic, that executive could successfully run a small franchise.
  • If an expert mechanic is adept at repairing trucks and automobiles, that mechanic can repair a bicycle.
  • If someone can build a home, that person can remodel a kitchen.

The Dangers of Lesser Logic

We make such assumptions all the time based on this type of logic. But we need to look out. It is fallible and common sense tells you that assumptions based on lesser logic can lead to trouble.

We all know of stories of people who hired friends or relatives assuming they had skills to do something, and disaster followed. This is especially true when it comes to seeking out advice in creating online content.


Nearly everyone in the website creation business considers themselves experts when it comes to written content, especially creating product descriptions.

If you have any doubts about this call on some companies that create websites. Before you move on, ask them if they could write your product descriptions. Chances are they will tell you they can.

What is your reaction? Be honest. Are you tempted believe them? Most people would be. After all, the person is a website creation professional. He or she is in the business. Lesser logic would lead one to assume that he or she would be an expert, or at least knowledgeable, in creating the written content.

Professional Content Should Done by Professionals

In reality, it is doubtful that the person knows any more about what makes a great sales-winning product description than you do. In my experience, most product descriptions created by website professionals are nothing more than dull laundry lists of specifications and features. The descriptions are treated as a mere formality and are not designed to generate sales.

To their credit, some website creation professionals will tell you to find a professional to write your content. But many will claim to be experts when they are not. You need to look out for such people.