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Nintendo Accessories – The Must Have Items to Go With Your Nintendo DS

Nintendo Accessories – The Must Have Items to Go With Your Nintendo DS

Nintendo accessories are really more like necessities when it comes to your Nintendo DS. The accessories provide a better overall experience and allow users to take full advantage of their system, no mater where they are. Many of the accessories also help prolong the life of the gaming system and protect it from a lot of the normal wear and tear that gaming devices are inevitably subjected to. Even better, many of the accessories come in different colors, allowing users to show a bit of personality with their choice.

One of the first accessories that people buy with the Nintendo DS is the 20-in 1 starter kit. It features headphones, neck strap, 3 finger-tip styluses, 4 screen protectors, a soft protective case, 4 game cases, car adapter, docking station and audio splitter.

The audio splitter allows two people to enjoy music from the device, which is a favorite feature, particularly amongst younger users. The protective case is compact but functional and extremely durable. It also comes in a variety of colors and the design is sleek and pleasing to the eye, for both older and younger product owners.

Some users prefer a slightly different accessory package and choose to go with the 17-1 bundle pack. This comes with a carry all bag and wrist strap, protective carrying case, charging dock, high quality headphones, three protective game cases, three mini screen wipes, two upper screen protectors, two lower screen protectors, car charger and extra stylus.

It is basically the perfect compliment to any Nintendo DS, filled with the most useful and needed accessories for your gaming system. It is great for any user, but especially ones who travel often.

Another highly sought after accessory is the Nintendo DS G-pack organizer. Anyone with more than a few games knows the need for this type of case. The product is small in size but able to hold 30 DS game cartridges and 6 GBA-SP cartridges. There is a convenient front pocket with an inner mesh pouch and an adjustable shoulder strap.

In addition to the games, there is room for things like headphones or a car charger to be placed inside. It also comes with 2 padded dividers that are able to be placed anywhere in the pack, for easy separation. The case is well made and well designed. Unlike older versions, it’s sleek and suited for adult gamers as well as children.

For those who prefer hard cases, Nintendo offers these as well. They are extremely durable, and usually hold up to about 16 games.

Another favorite item, particularly for those who tend to be rough on their devices, is the DS Lite Dura Case. The case features a hard exterior and soft, impact absorbing interior which protects your Nintendo DS game system. It can also hold 4 extra games, 2 SD cards, and 2 stylus pens.