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Meet the Second Generation Volvo C70

Meet the Second Generation Volvo C70

Volvo calls this vehicle the true convertible. After all, this vehicle actually boasts of the prestige and fame brought about my a convertible yet at the very same time, this vehicle holds and provides utmost comfort and the kind of safety that only a Volvo vehicle could provide. This vehicle is the Volvo C70 and at present, it is already on its second generation of vehicles.

The first generation of the Volvo C70 was made available in two body styles which comprised of the convertible and the coupe version. This generation lived from the year 1997 up until 2005. It was designed, crafted, and manufactured equipped with both low pressure and high pressure 5-cylinder turbocharged engines that also had additional help from manual and automatic transmission systems.

The first time it made its way to public knowledge, it was introduced as a 1997 model in Europe and as a 1998 model in the United States and the rest of North America. And after that introduction, the Volvo C70 went on sale and had to double their efforts for there was quite a limited demand for coupes. Despite this, the Volvo C70 had developed a group of followers who were mostly Volvo enthusiasts and aficionados.

The second generation of Volvo C70s will be making its way to the automobile scene this year, on the 13th of April 2006. This time, the vehicle holds a variety of choices. Like its exterior color, one could actually choose from a wide range of colors that includes Black Stone, White Pearl, Passion Red, Silver Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, Flint Gray Metallic, Blackcurrant Pearl, Magic Blue Pearl, Celestial Blue Pearl, and Zanzibar Gold Pearl.

This vehicle holds and uses the platform that was also used by the Volvo S40. The second generation Volvo C70 was designed by John Kinsey and was built by Pininfarina. It now features a three piece retractable metal hardtop rather than the soft convertible top which was the traditional one. However, there are no more coupe versions to be offered to the market.

Hans-Olov Olsson, the CEO and President of Volvo Cars exclaims, “We’ve succeeded in creating an attractive convertible which, at the mere touch of a button, converts into an equally elegant coupe. The customer gets two cars in one. Both with space for four adults. Our all new C70 is one of the first open top cars in the premium segment with both a steel roof and space for four adults. We believe this is a highly sought-after combination. That’s why we expect to more than double our sales compared with the first generation C70.”