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Make a Ton of Money Online – Help Small Businesses With Web Site SEO

Make a Ton of Money Online – Help Small Businesses With Web Site SEO

I recently had a friend ask me if I thought it was okay for him to take key words and hide them into the Web site for his business. For example, changing the font color so they are invisible to the eye but still on the page to capture search engine power. I was shocked that he did not know that this is a fast way to achieve the opposite effect and have you banned by search engines for black hat tactics. Not everyone knows the basics and so you can be there to save them from learning the hard way.

Having a Web site on the Internet is not enough to earn you tons of traffic or for a business to make a ton of money online. And many web site owners do not want to hassle with this challenge themselves. Therefore, you can start a business helping to offer EDITING tips for Websites looking to improve their results in search engines.

You can do this with what is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. What you will do is charge your customer a fee for you to review the site and come up with some simple changes that they can make right away to improve their search rankings.

You will have to keep the tips SIMPLE and also ideas that they can make or change in a short amount of time. If you offer your customer complicated tips they will not feel like they are getting their money’s worth as the information is too broad. For example, if you tell them to change all they key words to long tail key words, then you will just be causing the customer to have to THINK about their web site. This is very irritating and what many Web experts are doing.

Therefore, you can be the knight in shining armor. For example, you would say to your customer, “you have a page named silver or silver.html that talks about how to invest in junk silver – change that page name to invest in junk silver.html.” This is a very obvious example and something that a customer can respect and handle without having to be creative or think about the process.

You could also offer a service where you can do the changes for them if they pay a premium price and allow you access to the site. Just record what you did and explain to them WHY you did it. The idea is to offer your customer a quick fix to a consistent problem. When you are done, move on to the next step. Many Website owners just are fed up with either the massive amounts of changes or the complication. If you center your focus on solving this problem in a unique and easy way, then you have a business platform that will make you a ton of money online.