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Glass Scratch Remover

Glass Scratch Remover

Are you one of the millions of people who may be saddled with an unsightly scratch in your windshield or tabletop? Well if you have been looking for some time for a quality Glass Scratch Remover, your search is finally over! Hopefully you have not created a mess with an inferior product as it is all too easy to produce distortion and many other visibility problems if you try to tackle this problem unprepared.

Scratches on glass are more difficult to deal with than on the clear coat surface of your automobiles finish simply because glass is a much harder substance. A superior Glass Scratch Remover must have penetrating ability in order to get down to the level of the scratch and perform it’s job properly. This can be a very difficult task for anyone trying to do it themselves at home.

Fortunately, there is a company called Glass Technology which produces a whole line of glass refinishing and restoration products. Their most famous products all seem to include the rare earth metal known as Cerium Oxide. You will find cerium oxide in most of their products such as:

  • Liquid Diamond liquid glass polish
  • Diamond Fast cerium oxide glass polish
  • Cerium Oxide glass polishing compound

While they have many more products, I have personally tried the liquid diamond which has given me outstanding results. This unique formula with cerium oxide is perfect for producing the optical clarity one desires when trying to remove a scratch from their windshield or tabletop.

So just how do their products work? The mystery can be solved and summed up in two words. “Micro Replication”….this is how this marvelous Glass Scratch Remover does it’s magic. During the rubbing, buffing, and polishing that takes place, microscopic pyramid particles grind down the area that is damaged until you reach the depths of the scratches. At this point, the mechanical polishing that you perform will render the glass clear. You will be utterly amazed at just how well this works.

As a former multiple car wash owner, I was often asked about automobile appearance products. As a Liquid Diamond user, I had no problem sharing my success stories with my car wash customers who were seeking a cure for the scratch in their windshield. Furthermore, I would tell them, “you can also use it on all your home glass surfaces without any worries”. Anyone who left their car for detailing would receive a small complimentary sample of Liquid Diamond which certainly put a smile on many faces as this Glass Scratch Remover was a big hit.