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Finding Cheap Motorhomes For Sale

Finding Cheap Motorhomes For Sale

When it comes to purchasing an RV or Motorhome its best to shop around for the best deal and a quality Motorhome that you will enjoy. When you are really serious about buying your new home on wheels, making sure you know what you are purchasing before handing over the money will benefit you and your family in the long run.

Finding Cheap Motorhomes for Sale

When you are searching around trying to find a cheap Motorohome that is for sale its best to search within places that have a good reputation, that you know it can be trusted and stand behind their saying that the customer comes first. So is there any where that you can shop online that you know will be safe? Sure there are many websites and Motorhome companies but do you really know that you can trust them and know that your new home will be one that you have paid value for goods?

One Place To Find Cheap Motorhomes

Late June this year I purchased a used Motorhome from eBay and now we are a proud owner of a huge Bedford Bus that we are going to be traveling around Australia in. While I was crazy enough to buy a big Motorhome online without seeing the bus, I was lucky in that I used eBay, a place where the customer feels safe to shop. At least the company is so big, and the reputation behind their name is so strong that I feel safe when shopping online with them

Tips On Finding Cheap Motorhomes For Sale

When you want to Find Cheap Motorhome For Sale there are a few things to keep in mind when you start your search. Here are 10 Tips On Finding Cheap Motorhomes For Sale….what you need to look out for when purchasing a Bus!

  1. Know what you are looking for. Is the bus going to be big enough for all members of your family?
  2. Check out the Motor. Ask as many questions as possible about the age of the motor, when it was last serviced and the last repairs done on the motor.
  3. Ask around the people who do own Motorhomes. See what they paid for their RV, and check out the market, comparing prices.
  4. Have a really good look at the inside – if you are not able to view the Bus in person then ask for as many photos as possible, and ask the seller as many questions as possible.
  5. Have a good look under the bus, is there any water damage or rust damage that will affect the flooring of the bus?
  6. Check out the electrical system. Is it wired for having electricity while you have stopped or will you need to supply your power?
  7. Ask the seller when the bus was last used. Does it have registration or road worthy certificate?
  8. Try to take the bus for a test drive. If you do not have the correct licence for the Motorhome (you will need to check out what your state requires with your Driver License) then you will need to ask the seller to take the bus for a test drive while you are the passenger
  9. See if there is any history on the bus. Is there a log book that you can read up on to find out how the bus maintence has been carried out?
  10. One last tip – remember you are purchasing a cheap Motorhome so there will be some issues that will need to be fixed. Try to work out if you are able to fix the repairs yourself, or if you need repairs to the bus then you need to take that into account as an extra expanse.

There are many issues when purchasing a used Motorhome but you need to weigh up the positive and the negitives…is Finding Cheap Motorhomes For Sale a cheaper option when all the work has been done before hand, or is buying a more expansive Motorhome going to suit your budget better?

To find out how David and Lisa Wood purchased a motorhome from eBay (without using any of the above tips!!) and will be traveling around Australia next year follow them on New Life On The Road.