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Easier Car DVD Players Listings – A Cut Out and Keep FAQ

Easier Car DVD Players Listings – A Cut Out and Keep FAQ

One of the rarest elements in e-commerce is trust.

Customers will need to have a great deal of trust to hand over money to some stranger they have never seen before in the vain hope of getting what they have paid for. The best way to lay their minds at rest is by giving them information or answering their questions in a way that shows that you know what you’re talking about.

If you are selling car DVD players on line we are here to help. We have provided a useful “cut-out and keep” FAQ file that you can paste onto any automotive DVD listing you may have.

Can the car DVD player fit in my car?

Whether or not this DVD player fits into your car depends on two things, the DIN size of the hole in your dashboard and the depth of your dashboard.

DIN is simply the German abbreviation for Deutsche Industrie Norm. It is the German Industry Standard for all automotive parts and many other mechanical and electrical components. The one that affects you is 1 DIN and 2 DIN and it describes the width and height of all automotive DVD players and car stereos.

If there is a larger squarish hole in your dash then you will have a 2 DIN hole, if it is long and narrow then it is a 1 DIN hole. Unless you want to do some remodeling work on your dash it might be a good idea to get the right size DIN.

However, the DIN just covers the height and the width of the car DVD. The ideal approach is to look through the car owner manual for the measurements of your car dash and then stack that up against the dimensions of the car DVD from this listing or from the manufacturer’s website. If it is too long then it might not be the best model to choose.

Is it hard to install a DVD player in my car?

Installing a car DVD player is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have not done anything like it before. It would probably be wise to ask a professional to do the installation instead of doing it yourself.

However, if you feel secure enough that you can do it yourself there are many websites that, along with the car DVD player instructions, will get you through the installation process. Make sure you read and understand all of the instructions before going ahead with the installation. Ensure you have given yourself enough time to get the job done.

Installing a DVD player in a car isn’t a job you can do overnight if you haven’t done it before.

How do I pair my Blue tooth phone with the car DVD player?

It is not difficult to pair car DVD players and blue tooth cell phones. There are two basic stages to the process.

* Getting the automotive DVD ready.

* Setting up the cell phone.

Setting up the car DVD for blue tooth is as easy as going into the blue tooth menu. You might need to press ‘pair’ on the car DVD when you are in the blue tooth screen.

You will need to find the Bluetooth menu on the phone to pair it. This may be on the main menu, but if it isn’t it will be in either a connectivity menu or a settings menu then connectivity.

Then you will need to take the following steps:

* Switch on the blue tooth function.

* Ensure that the phone is ‘visible’ to other blue tooth devices.

* Find any blue tooth devices within the range of the phone’s blue tooth function.

* Select the car DVD player. It may be called ‘car kit’.

* Enter your password (you will find this in the cell phone’s owner’s manual).

Now that you have pasted these answers onto your car DVD players listings your customers will be confident enough to buy car DVD players off you, continue to deal with you in future and tell their friends about your business.