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Does Ceramic Pro Coating really help protect Premium Vehicles?


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The current market has seen an influx of luxury cars at present. Such huge investments made on such luxurious cars need to be protected in order to increase its shelf life. Most of the common causes of damage to a vehicle are the scratches and abrasions that damage the paint job of an expensive care. Once a scratch is established on the car, it is an ugly permanent fixture on the look of the car. To get rid of this scratch the whole section of the surface needs to be repainted.

Now the disadvantage of repainting a luxury car is the huge cost factor involved in it. Being a premium vehicle, it becomes essential that the paint job is protected from everyday scratches caused while driving on busy streets. That being said, what is the solution to this problem? There is a solution and it is known as Ceramic Pro Coating.

Ceramic Pro is a Nano-ceramic paint coat that safeguards your vehicle not only from scratches, but also from harsh chemicals, UV rays, and anti-graffiti. The strong ingredients used to manufacture this coat ensures that your car if coated with Ceramic Pro, will stay cleaner for a longer span as the scratch-resistant coating will resist the dirt and grime to stick to the surface and will also cause the water to roll off taking away all the contamination.

This takes us to the question as to why should one prefer Ceramic Pro coats over Teflon Coating? The process of Teflon coating is pretty simple, a cutting compound is applied to the surface of the car and then with a use of a rotary polisher the surface is buffed and shined. The process of Teflon is relatively cheap and has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months. Also, Teflon fails to protect the car from any scratches as the coat is quite delicate. On the other hand, the ceramic coating thickness of 2 microns guarantees a lifetime protection and durability to the surface of the car. However, it should be noted that the cost of ceramic coating involved is much higher than that of the Teflon coat. The cost factor also depends on the shape and the size of the car.

Driving a luxury car in Mumbai can be a nightmare. Hence it becomes essential that the car is protected through hustling traffic of Mumbai. Applying ceramic coating for cars in Mumbai is a sure shot solution to defend your car from any damage. In fact, ceramic coating for cars in India should be considered as a one-time investment for luxury cars that are driven in major metropolitans as the chances of minor accidents are high in such cities that damage the car.

With all this information been made available about the scratch resistant coating, there is only one question that arises in our mind. Where can we avail this service? There are various places where you can get this service availed. The premier most service is provided by DRM Motors who have a huge car service centre based out of Mumbai. Their unmatched service to a large base of customers who own luxury cars has been extremely satisfactory. The DRM Motors expertize give you unmatched care and knowledge about your car which will compel you to revisit the service centre in order to keep your car in pristine condition.

DRM Motors has an exclusive tie-up with Ceramic Pro India as they are the official distributors of Ceramic Pro product line. DRM Motors in conjunction with Ceramic Pro India is continuously striving to service premium cars with the best of technology made available in the market and also aspire that the people who own such luxurious cars invest in such outstanding technology in order to protect their priceless investments.