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Customize Your Car With Rim and Tire Packages

Customize Your Car With Rim and Tire Packages

One of the most popular additions in recent years to an individual’s car is customizing the appearance of the tire wheels and rims, so that a stainless steel fixture or decoration gives the illusion of racing quality tires or allows one to project their style. Rim and tire packages are available at nearly any car sales outlet, parts store, or mechanic, and many are relatively inexpensive; others are incredibly ornate and may cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Deciding which is best for our car is simply a matter of your aesthetic desire and your budget capabilities.

WheelFire Custom Wheels and Rims stock some of the most popular designs and allow for certain deals on designs and arrays. WheelFire’s stocks are targeted towards higher echelon cars — more specifically, racing models — so many of their designs are not compatible with simple, everyday street vehicles. Racing tires are designed to give the bare minimum of friction as a car is in full gear, so unlike road grip tires that are so familiar on family models, these designs require far more precise steering.

Similarly, the rims on WheelFire are meant to provide aerodynamic support during high speeds — one hundred miles an hour or more, as any lower speeds will not have much of an effect — and thus are more practical for some. Racing cars require much more maintenance than standard street models, so frequent tire changes may be necessary; bulk orders are available for reduced fees.

If you are interested in lovely designs rather than racing utility, check out the lineup of sites like Modeled for luxury and street cars rather than rare high performance models, WheelMax’s selection boasts a reduction in gas usage due to the high efficiency of their nitrogen inflated tires, servicing any number of domestic or foreign designed car.

Rim designs are manufactured with aesthetic quality in mind, so that the stainless steel chrome rims provide a cutting edge visual on the side of major brands such as a Honda Civic, Nissan Alitma, Ford Expedition, or Mitsubishi Gallant. WheelMax even has “smart wheels”, meant for efficiency model cars such as the lightweight Cooper Mini or the gas sipping Toyota Prius hybrid. Hybrid wheel models are among the most difficult to find due to the recent popularity of the car, and many customers find that ordering from online warehouses is less of a headache than putting in order forms at dealers. WheelMax allows for order tracking, inventory updates, and even boasts an online forum to talk with other “gear head” car enthusiasts about their designs and specifications.