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Crusaders Ground Mounted Air Purifier XJ-2100, Build Digital PM2.5 Monitor & Exhibit

Crusaders Ground Mounted Air Purifier XJ-2100, Build Digital PM2.5 Monitor & Exhibit

CRUSADERS Air Purification Process product XJ-2100 occur with 6 Physical Filter Engineering
1. Pre Filter 2. HEPA Filter (Superior Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter .3 micron (MERV 17 Rated) 3. Activated Carbon Filter (for smell and smoke) 4. Picture-Catalyst Filter (for harmful gases) 5. UV Lamp (for germicidal result) 6. Destructive ions (for freshness influence)
Intelligent Car Method Sleep Manner Out there Wind Speed Adjustment Timer Mode Smart UV & Anion manner 1 Calendar year Model Warranty Electrical power usage – 50W Excess weight – 5.3 Kg
With Remote Control, this unit can deal with all over 400 sq. toes of area.
Manufactured for India, maintaining in thoughts the air pollution troubles of India. Vast Software locations like:- Bedrooms / Workplaces / Compact Meeting Rooms / Physicians Clinics etc.

• Air Purification Program based mostly on the principal of Cold-catalytic oxidation along with substantial grade HEPA & carbon filter with UV to neutralize DUST, Pollen, Allergen, Smoke, Odor, micro organism, Virus, other micro-organisms, and harmful gases these kinds of as formaldehyde & Benzene.
• Most effective in class 6 Phase Filtration System
1. Pre Filter: Stops heavier particles of hair, dust, etcetera. It can be applied to deal with Formaldehyde / Ammonia / Benzene / TVOC / Hydrogen Sulfide and other hazardous gases unveiled by plywood, household furniture, wallpapers, carpets, curtains and bedspreads.
2. Activated carbon Filter: A distinctive honeycomb structure that contains Reside Charcoal granuals, blocks Gases and odours. Gets rid of: Cigarette Smoke / pet & sweat odours / other famful gases etc.
3. Anti-microbial Filter: The 5-microns filter with antimicrobial agents can effectively capture microbes in the air.

4. HEPA Filter: Traps pollutants of size .3 micron at 99.97% effectiveness fee. Eliminates: really modest particles / Modest allergens / Microscopic microbes and viruses / Dust mites etcetera.
5. Extremely Violet Light-weight: The 365nm UV light performs independently to neutralize microorganisms. Gets rid of: Micro organism / Mould / Viruses and many others.
6. Destructive Ionizer: Trillions of balanced damaging ions fill your place for ongoing cleaning.
Increases freshness in the area
Improves action stage in your entire body
Can help raises immunity
Results in Forest/Hill Station style Air.

Control Menu for Crusaders Air Purifier XJ-2100

Electronic Exhibit
Ahead of urgent on the electric power button, the angular structure will flash in the electronic screen and the machine is in stand-by method.
TIMER BUTTON: When urgent on the Timer button, the Timer commences from 1-12 hrs. The electric power will be turned off when time expires.
Admirer Velocity Adjustment: The Speed control button circulates from lower, medium, and higher. The speed is demonstrated in the digital screen.
Slumber BUTTON: When urgent on the Snooze button, the equipment will be at very low speed. The pace and snooze buttons are controlled in a mutually distinctive fashion. When one is turned on, the other is turned off.
ANION BUTTON: Press the Anion button to change on the Anion generator. The icon will be shown on the digital display when it is turned on.
STERILIZE BUTTON: Press the Sterilize button to turn on the UV germicidal light. The icon will be shown on the display screen screen when it is turned on.
Distant Control: The item is geared up with a remote controller powered by 2AAA batteries.