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American Red Cross Car Donation – Vehicle Donation Program For a Worthy Cause

American Red Cross Car Donation – Vehicle Donation Program For a Worthy Cause

Siddhartha the Buddha once said that life is sorrowful. And while it is true that people are always going to suffer, sometimes the suffering is too great and too unnecessary to simply chalk up to “that’s just how life is.” Unfortunately, sometimes a disaster strikes, and that is when we all have to rally together to help others in need. This is where an American Red Cross junk car donation can actually be a blessing to someone’s life.

When a disaster strikes, all of the normal things we take for granted go down the tubes in a hurry. Forget cable TV – try going a few days without clean water to drink, bathe in, or clean your clothes with. Forget eating at a tasty restaurant – try going a week or two in which all of the food you eat is whatever you can scrounge up. Disasters turn comfortably middle class people who have good jobs into homeless people who suddenly have none of the comfort they have worked so hard to build in life. And the matter of fact is this could happen to any of us at any time.

Basic Information About Donating Your Car To The American Red Cross

Most people are familiar with the work that the American Red Cross does – after all, it is one of the most familiar charities in the United States. What most people don’t know is that that old car that has been littering your lawn or languishing in your garage can be donated to help others in need. What the Red Cross does with the cars it receives from donors like you is fix up these automobiles and sell them at an auction. What is unique about the American Red Cross car donation program is that many of these vehicles are actually sold via auction online. How’s that for technology helping to improve the quality of people’s lives?

The car donation process is fairly simple – you submit your information to your local American Red Cross chapter, call the national hotline, or fill out the online form on the official Red Cross website, and make arrangements to have your car picked up. One of the perks of American Red Cross car donation is that you will receive a tax deduction for your contribution. The general rule of thumb is that the better condition your car is in, the greater tax deduction you can expect. For many people, donating a car to charity is simply easier than dealing with the hassle of selling their car themselves.

Why You Should Donate Your Vehicle

The car donation program at the American Red Cross is unique in that is is extremely user-friendly. After submitting your information, a flatbed truck will arrive to your home, and paperwork is put into motion to immediately transfer the title out of your name and to the charitable organization through the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a great process because you are immediately relieved from any liability related to your donated automobile. After the title transfer, expect to receive a letter of acknowledgment in the mail that shows all of your vehicle information and the full VIN number with in a few weeks.

All vehicles are appraised and then sent off to auction. To comply with regulations by the Internal Revenue Service, once your vehicle is sold to its new owner, you will receive the IRS Form #1098 Title Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats and Airplanes from your local Red Cross Chapter. This form is important in confirming the actual sales price and date that your vehicle is sold. It is important paperwork that will need to be included with your annual tax return in order to receive the full tax deduction benefits offered by vehicle donation.