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A Review on the New Future Cars With Crystal Knobs

A Review on the New Future Cars With Crystal Knobs

Auto shows held in Chicago, Frankfurt, Detroit, Geneva and Paris are great opportunities for big builders to present the future of cars – which incorporates the latest technological advances, the newest standards of car security, design – including crystal knobs for the most pretentious customers, electronic equipment and, more recently, fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Let’s see together some of these future cars, concepts that will go into production in a few years or will be only guidelines for future series models.

Renault Megane Coupe

Even if it is only a concept at the moment, Renault Megane Coupe will be a version a new series. And that’s not all. The concept of lines actually show the new generation Renault Megane, which will probably debut at the Paris Motor Show in the next year. Megane Coupe presents some very bold lines, the resemblance with the new Laguna’s design is evident at the front. The doors open up, obviously for show, and the interior is so futuristic, so not much can be imagined on a present car. Rear idea somewhat reminds us of the back of the current Megane hatchback, but with a different scale and is adorned with many details that attract attention. This model has a special prototype that shows its power and beauty that comes with special crystal knobs. This prototype is for women who want to be better than any other that owns the same car model.

Jeep Renegade

Renegade is one of the most spectacular concepts from Detroit and will seduce both those who love nature adventures and those who wish more protection. The model is surely to be loved by off-road enthusiasts as well. Renegade comes with a “macho” look, but not the kind of “tank” that characterizes some American SUVs. The concept displays lines that seem simple at first glance, but they sketched a concept vehicle for adventure not too common in mass production. The car has only two seats, a large enough ground clearance, enough to give the impression that it can pass anywhere. Renegade has two electric motors with a combined power of 268 hp. When more power is needed or the 60 km provided only by electric motors, is outdated, in-comes a 3-cylinder engine to help out. Unfortunately for women who love bling-bling and Jeeps, this model will not come with any crystal knobs as it is a car especially for men.

Dodge ZEO

Even if it is far from ready for mass production, the ZEO concept car shows that it will probably lead the next generation. The car was unveiled at the Detroit and has sparked interest because it wants to prove that electric cars may look and different those that we already know in the present. ZEO is a sports car with four doors and four seats to be addressed to passionate for cars and technology, as well. The doors are opening up in “scissors” style and show an interior dominated by organic forms and wireless systems, systems that will soon begin to penetrate future productions of some car manufacturers. Very low, the car manages to remind us of the 300C Chrysler. Traction is made by the rear wheels, the propulsion unit is a 268-horsepower electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries. There is no internal combustion engine, hence the name of the concept: ZEO – Zero Emissions Operation. Battery pack allows a minimum range of 400 km, the Americans say, and acceleration 0-100 km / h in less than six seconds, probably in Silence. This car also comes in a special feature for those more pretentious, with full crystal knobs, for a better and more expensive look.

In hope that this article has convinced you about future vehicles, we invite you to visit the 1st annual auto show that will be held in Budapest this month, where you will see the cars described, as well as other pretentious crystal knobs cars for your delight. There are lots of pretentious customers that require pretentious cars, but why not be the best by choosing the best there is, the car with crystal knobs?