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5 Vacation Spots in Florida

5 Vacation Spots in Florida

Florida has always been considered a premier destination for a memorable vacation. Fishing is tremendous on both sides of the state with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic to the east and multiple lakes and streams inland. Some come for the amusement parks or stick around for the premier sports events that canvas the near tropical state. Others simply want a time to decompress from the pace of the everyday.

Whatever your interests you might just find what your looking for – in Florida.

Orlando Known for its expansive amusement parks this city is a haven for more than fifty million tourists each year. Parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World often overshadow other well-respected attractions such as Islands of Adventures, Cypress Gardens, Silver Springs and Busch Gardens. Guests have access to many leading water parks as well as memorable golfing opportunities and nightlife.

When you add succulent restaurant choices and cruises along with outstanding museum and art opportunities Orlando becomes a very well rounded vacation opportunity with exceptional accommodations.

Because of the multitude of available tourist attractions in Orlando you may find it to be a busy place, but it may also be more affordable than you imagine as coupons and travel packages are often priced to be as inviting as possible to potential visitors.

Tampa This Florida location is less congested than Orlando, but is within easy driving of many desirable locations. Tampa is home to multiple professional sports teams such as the Rays and Buccaneers. The city also boasts two amusement parks – Busch Gardens and Adventure Island Waterpark.

Tampa has a rich heritage in artistic excellence. You will find museums, aquarium and zoo that will delight your entire family. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to ride in hot air balloons, mini grand-prix cars and play an extended game of laser tag.

State parks are also a clear draw for those who visit Tampa. Many are close by and well visited. The tone of Tampa may be more subdued than other Florida locations, but that may be why so many consider this a better form of Floridian paradise.

Miami Just saying the word conjures up beautiful people on beautiful beaches. It screams active nightlife and powerful watersport opportunities. All these visual images are true of Miami, but this city is also very well known for shopping and style.

This city is a strange blend of casual and chic. sizzling beaches and neon nights coupled with surfing and football. While families find Miami inviting the city is also a magnet for single adults.

Dog tracks and casinos draw guests while fishing opportunities allow an alternative for those who have less interest in shopping. Unique festivals and activities are scheduled for every month of the year so you shouldn’t be surprised if there are events that add special meaning to your Miami getaway.

Naples This Gulf Coast city offers a taste of refinement and maturity. This city offers beautiful accommodations as well as brilliant golf courses and cultural opportunities.

The waters are exceptionally calm and the sunsets are spectacular from so many locations in Naples. The everglades are close and a trip to a nearby island is not only possible, but also encouraged.

Naples was listed as the number one small arts town in the United States and a motivated group of citizens’ work to ensure that culture is a prime component to the atmosphere of the town. There are no fewer than a dozen arts and cultural centers and activities regularly scheduled.

You may find it strange, but the feel of the town has been described as Midwestern in appeal. The welcoming atmosphere allows for a gentle morning on the beach combing for shells or a discussion with the locals on the best fishing alternatives.

The balmy conditions coupled with a moderate pace make Naples a well-deserved ‘time out’ for many visitors. These may be visitors who have come to think of the slower pace of Naples as a personal paradise on their list of potential getaways.

Sarasota This is another smaller city in Florida’s deep arsenal of beautiful destinations. With a population of just over 50,000 Sarasota is a focal point in a cluster of smaller cities and towns that bring a sense of hometown to your vacation. The city boasts a beautiful array of beaches and multiple island destinations. A trip to Sarasota is a nod to the need for relaxation. Locations such as Orlando and Miami are well developed for a more fast-paced vacation experience. However, Sarasota joins Naples as a great location to de-stress.

From a practical standpoint it has all the amenities you could need, but provides the space and opportunity to simply take a deep breath and drink in the beauty of this Floridian paradise.

Which City is Best?

By knowing more about the locations available you can match your specific needs with a city that can best meet those needs. There is no singular ‘best’ city in Florida. There are many that are strategically placed to provide incredible beauty. There are others that are designed to appeal to those who want to experience adventure in their R & R.

The Common Threads

There are several things these Florida vacation destinations have in common.

• Average daytime temperatures between 75-90

• Fishing opportunities both inland and on the ocean or gulf

• Multiple arts opportunities

• Premier hotel accommodations

• Exquisite cuisine

• Golfing

• Boating

• Nearby State Parks

• Exceptional shopping

Knowing more about the place you intend to visit can be very beneficial in knowing what to expect and how to plan your stay. The cities of Florida are as inviting as they are memorable. Plan well – and enjoy your stay – in Florida.